Plastic Fruit Container Supplier in China

STLPak Plastic Fruit Container

STLPak is an experienced plastic fruit container supplier. The containers are a highly efficient choice for storing various fruits and vegetables. At STLPak, we specialize in providing bulk quantities of safe and durable fruit containers designed specifically for food packaging needs. Our fruit containers come in a wide range of exquisite designs suitable for various occasions and product presentations.

Our fruit containers are most available in transparent options to ensure the quality and freshness of your food products. However, we understand that some customers prefer colorful ones. Therefore, we offer fruit containers in attractive colors to suit your packaging preferences, like blue, green, orange, etc.

Our fruit containers are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 250mL to 1,000mL and 2500mL, catering to different packaging requirements. Each container is securely made of PET to maintain product integrity and safety.

Excellence in Plastic Fruit Container Manufacturer

STLPak’s custom plastic fruit containers are exclusively crafted from high-quality material. We take pride in our comprehensive approach, beginning with the sourcing, sorting, and processing of all container-making raw materials within our advanced factory facility. 

This meticulous control over the production process allows us to maintain stringent quality management standards, ensuring that our fruit containers consistently meet the highest industry benchmarks for food packaging products.

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Great Quality and Efficiency in Food Packaging

In strict adherence to food packaging industry hygiene and safety standards, we prioritize the benefits of consumers. Our advanced factory boasts five cutting-edge production lines that employ the latest container molding technologies. This technological advantage enables us to efficiently deliver large quantities of fruit containers with remarkably quick turnaround times. 

Throughout every step of the production process, our dedicated team of fruit container manufacturing experts maintains vigilant oversight, ensuring that each fruit container undergoes rigorous testing and inspection before being meticulously packaged for delivery.

Why Choose STLPak Plastic Fruit Container?

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Crafting Container Solutions and Packaging Graphics

Our proficient team of designers is dedicated to providing packaging and design solutions tailored to meet the distinct needs of each business. They work in close partnership with you, harmoniously blending product design and visual branding expertise to create the perfect container design for your product, along with captivating packaging graphics.

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Improving Your Food Packaging

Partnering with our design team, our skilled food packaging craftsmen make all-out efforts to design concepts. Utilizing a variety of decorating techniques, including labeling and printing, they meticulously create food packaging that stands out on the shelf and captures the attention of your target customer.

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Efficient Food Packaging Manufacturing

Within the realm of food packaging, our expansive factory and warehouse facilities are poised to accommodate your needs. Simply provide us with your product specifications, and we can promptly manufacture the packaging you require. Our facility excels in the art of packaging production, ensuring both expertise and efficiency. This approach translates into substantial reductions in manufacturing time and overall costs.

Ensuring Quality and Timely Deliveries

Through our comprehensive ordering system and flexible delivery options, we provide robust support in inventory management. Our unwavering commitment to quality and punctuality ensures that your order requirements are consistently met. Furthermore, we take a proactive approach to internal inventory management, guaranteeing the availability of commonly requested products for quick delivery.

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