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STLPak Kraft Bowl

ShiTuLi kraft bowl series is made from thickened kraft paper, which is more durable and can withstand high temperatures, as well as clean food-grade paper. The inside of the paper bowl has a waterproof and oil-proof PE film, and the design at the bottom also plays a leak-proof role. The design of the flat edge of the bowl mouth increases the contact area between the paper bowl and the food, and the lid is tight and inverted without leakage.

The kraft bowl can hold salads, rice, fried chicken, or pasta—various specifications to meet your needs. Manufacturer direct selling ShiTuLi always adheres to good quality. Please send us your inquiries now!

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STL-1100ML 32OZ
STL-1100ML 32OZ

More and more customers accept cowhide containers, this capacity of the box more popular.

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Arc design, good sealing

The visible transparent box cover is convenient to view. It adopts arc design in many places, and the buckle is tightly sewn. The package is more compact with multiple card slots, so as to solve the problem of spillage during your use.

advantage 2-3-1
advantage 2-3-2

Waterproof, oil and leakage

This kraft bowl has a strong texture and PE film inside, which is not easy to soften when meeting water and oil, the bottom of the pressure grain is leakproof.  It can hold different foods safely. It is made of original thickened pulp, which is healthy and natural.

Product Parameters Information

STL-750ML 22OZ
Product ID:STL-750ML 22OZ
Capacity : 750ml/22oz
Dim : 150*60mm
Color : Coffee
Style : Kraft paper bowl
STL-1100ML 32OZ
Product ID:STL-1100ML 32OZ
Capacity : 1100ml/32oz
Dim : 160*60mm
Color : Coffee
Style : Kraft paper bowl
STL-1500ML 40OZ
Product ID:STL-1500ML 40OZ
Capacity : 1500ml/40oz
Dim : 180*65mm
Color : Coffee
Style : Kraft paper bowl
STL-1000ML-H 35OZ
Product ID:STL-1100ML-H 32OZ
Capacity : 1000ml/35oz
Dim : 193*136*135mm
Color : Coffee
Style : Kraft paper bowl; Handle

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