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STLPak Bagasse Trays

STLPak bagasse trays are made from bagasse, which is a natural packaging product. Its production process makes full use of renewable resources, and the choice of bagasse dessert trays is a support for sustainable development. The unique design of this tray is suitable for holding a variety of exquisite desserts and fruit plates. Whether it’s a pastry cake, chocolate chip cookies or fresh fruit, they can all be properly displayed and presented. Moreover, the structure of the tray allows the dessert and fruit to remain fresh and whole. We know that desserts are a pleasurable treat, that they not only satisfy the taste buds, but also bring visual beauty. That’s why we’re committed to providing high-quality, well-designed bagasse dessert trays to ensure you’re able to taste these delicious treats at your best.

Please visit our website to learn more about bagasse trays. If you have any questions or need customized services, please feel free to contact our team. Thank you for choosing the bagasse dessert tray, let’s enjoy the sweet moment together!

Eco-friendly options to reduce plastic waste

Choosing bagasse pallets means making an environmentally friendly choice that reduces your contribution to plastic waste. As a natural material, bagasse can be degraded and returned to nature without causing long-term environmental pollution.

By using sustainable bagasse pallets, you are actively protecting the planet and contributing to a sustainable future. Choose an environmentally friendly bagasse tray for both your cuisine and environmental protection.

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Heat resistance, suitable for a variety of scenarios

Bagasse trays have excellent heat resistance and can withstand the loading and display of high-temperature food. Whether it’s hot cakes, baked pastries or French fries, the tray steadily supports and maintains the food’s temperature.

The bagasse trays are ideal for many occasions, such as family gatherings, weddings, birthday parties and restaurants. Whether indoor dining or outdoor picnicking, bagasse trays show off their heat-resistant properties to meet your culinary display needs.

Excellent bearing capacity, stable and reliable

Bagasse trays have excellent load-carrying capacity and can firmly support all types of food. Whether it is the weight of the cake or the stacking of snacks such as chips, the tray can remain stable and is challenging to deform or tilt.

The bagasse trays are solid and durable features that ensure food safety and stability during transportation to enjoy your food confidently. Whether a commercial dining establishment or a home use, bagasse cake trays are a reliable choice.

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Product Parameters Information

Product ID:YRP-100
Weight: 7g
Capacity: N/A
Dim: 113*113*13mm
Available Color:  🔲White
Description: Bagasse; Biodegradable; Cake tray; Fruit tray
Product ID:YRP-200
Weight: 7g
Capacity: N/A
Dim: 160*109*15mm
Available Color:  🔲White
Description: Bagasse; Biodegradable; Cake tray; Fruit tray

Product Details Introduction

YRP-100 2400 520 365 255 0.0484
YRP-200 1800 495 295 225 0.0329

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