Paper food trays Manufacture in China

ShiTuLi Paper Food Trays

ShiTuLi paper food trays materials are environmental protection paper and waterproof film production. The selection of high-quality and thickened cardstock makes the product feel full, which is healthy, environmentally friendly, and stronger than PET plastic boxes. In addition, the double-sided coating makes the product encounter water, will not be soft, and will not collapse. The appearance has a uniform color pattern design to highlight the vitality of the product, high-quality price, and complete style. Whether it is wrapped with plastic or a perforated bag, this tray, the fruit lining out, is beautiful and high-grade.

This series tray series is suitable for supermarket display for sales, gift box packaging and fruit, fruit packaging, and other scenarios. Whether it’s for your business or to complete

Environmentally friendly materials, safe to use

The ship-type pallet is made of high quality thickened white card paper as raw material, pasting with non-toxic and tasteless glue, with waterproof membrane inside, safe and environmental protection, safe to use, degradable and recyclable. The box is designed with air holes around it to keep the fruit as fresh as possible.

advantage 5-3-1
advantage 5-3-2

Pattern design, beautify products

The various patterns designed on the box are rich in color and various in style than the previous transparent box. They can be matched with suitable colors according to different commodities. The upper layer can be covered with a lid or plastic wrap, which is more creative, improves the appearance level of the product and enhances the added value of the product.

Product Parameters Information

Product ID:STL-BT250
Capacity : 900g
Dim : 110*145*65mm
Inner Color : White
Style :Wrapping paper material

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