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STLPak Salad Packaging Containers

STLPak salad packaging containers are transparent and beautiful, and the fruit cut is transparent and intuitive, the aesthetic feeling greatly increased. The use of environmental protection PET material production of fruit cut container, non-toxic tasteless, rest assured to use. In addition, the load-bearing capacity of the packaging is strengthened, and the texture is better. You can eat fresh fruit anytime and anywhere, suitable for supermarkets, fruit stores, and take-out businesses.

No tedious process, not through other links, to ensure quality and freshness, faster, easy to keep fresh. Check the food grade material label, environmental protection, health, and safety. Rest assured, to use. Please send us your inquiries now!

Advantages of Salad Packaging Containers

diverse design
Various style

The plastic salad containers have many styles and sizes, from round to square, small to big. You can also customize the style and size that you want.

support stack11
Compartment design

Some plastic salad containers are compartment design, and you can hold different kinds of fruits or vegetables, preventing flavours from overlapping.

high quatity8
Easy To Carry

The plastic salad containers are lightweight and can stack together, making them convenient and easy to carry and transport.

recycle material2
Great Durability

The products are usually durable, not easily broken or deformed, with a certain thickness that can protect fruits or vegetables from damage during transportation.

Beautiful Design Increase Added Value

They are made of food-grade PET material, non-toxic, and used safely.

The plastic salad containers look beautiful with highly transparent material and an exclusive design, making the fruit more attractive and increasing added value.

advantage 2-1-1
advantage 2-1-2

Good Closure, Easy to Transport

The plastic salad containers have good closure and leak-proof sealing, making the salad fresh and clean.

The containers are easily transported with high hardness and firm buckle, preventing the salad from squeezing and saving space and costs.

Plastic Salad Containers More Applications

salad packaging containers 1
salad packaging containers 2

Plastic Salad Containers Storage Use: The plastic salad containers’ appearance is simple and clear. They can hold not only salad but also some fruits or vegetables. Furthermore, there are many different styles and sizes to choose from. You can customize the plastic salad containers for what you want if needed.

Plastic Salad Containers Applicable Score: Plastic salad containers have many ways to use them. Some cafeterias and restaurants offer plastic salad containers for guests to pick their food, which helps reduce waste and provides more food options. Some outdoor activities, such as picnics and camping, can also use plastic salad containers to hold food.


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