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STLPak Team of Love and Peace

Welcome to the ShiTuLi  food packaging company! As an international trading company specializing in food packaging, we are committed to providing our global customers with high-quality, innovative, reliable packaging solutions.


Our team comprises a group of passionate and experienced professionals who specialize in designing and customizing all types of food packaging. Whether you are a food producer, importer or distributor, we can offer various packaging options to meet your unique needs. We pay attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence, and we ensure to provide your products with distinctive packaging design to increase brand value and market competitiveness.

At ShiTuLi’s foreign trade food packaging company, we take international style as the core and pay attention to innovation and sustainable development. We provide beautiful and generous packaging design and integrate the concept of environmental protection into every project. We use sustainable materials and environmentally friendly processes to ensure that our packaging provides superior preservation and product protection while protecting the environment.

We are well aware of the needs and trends of the international market and understand the packaging preferences of different regions and cultures. As a result, our design team can tailor unique packaging solutions for you to suit consumer tastes and market trends in other countries and regions. Whether it’s high-end luxury packaging or simple and stylish design, we can meet your requirements and help you create an impressive brand image.

We have established strong relationships with suppliers worldwide to ensure that your packaging projects are delivered on time and to the highest standards. Our professional team will provide whole-process tracking services to ensure you receive detailed attention and support in every step of the packaging design and delivery process.Please feel free to contact us, and we look forward to providing you with the best packaging solutions to help you succeed in the global market!

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