● Service and quality first
Providing Solutions for Sustainable Food Packaging
● Selection of fresh packaging
● Always strive for better
● Food grade raw material
One-stop Food Packaging Manufacturer in China
● Advanced production equipment
● Strict quality control
● accept OEM&ODM
Wholesale Supplier of Eco-friendly Packaging
● support for customization
● 24 hours online
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Professional Food Packaging Supplier in China

A dedicated green quality food packaging company, with its own brand "STLPak", set design and development, production and management, service in one.
food packaging container
Container Advantage
Save your shipping cost, same container, we can pack more.
food packaging certification
Full Certification
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BSCI certification and others.
food packaging mold
Free Mould
Provide free professional solutions and product moulds.
food packaging workshop
Aseptic Workshop
Dust-free production workshop, the user is more assured.

Purchasing Food Packaging from STLPak

We have modern advanced equipment, diversified product lines, to ensure efficient production and reliable supply of the factory, at any time to provide you with reliable food packaging solutions.
food packaging companies

For Brand Owners: As we are a sophisticated food packaging manufacturer, we have collaborated with various businesses to bring their concepts to life and fulfill their desired food packaging solutions. We help you refine your requirements and realize the perfect packaging solutions for your brand.

For Manufacturers: Our most advanced German production facility enables us to offer high-quality options that accord with your target customers. As a food packaging manufacturer or supplier, you can have confidence in our efficient manufacturing processes, ensuring that we provide you with top-notch outsourcing services and food packaging in the market.

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For Wholesalers: As one of the most well-equipped food packaging companies, we provide different top-quality food packaging at highly competitive prices and have a stable supply of products. This empowers us to collaborate with you to ensure that you can also offer excellent prices to your customers.

For Retailers: We have various kinds of packaging and a huge warehouse, providing you with different styles and sizes of products and managing the warehouse actively, ensuring you that we can offer our products on time. In addition, we also supply the customization service, which provides labeling, printing, and more.

What's the MOQ?

If choose express, suggest a box, if choose sea, suggest a cubic.

What is the customization process?

Contact customer service to confirm the sample; Mold making; Sample making; Sample confirmation; Mass production.

What is the procedure to make a claim?

1. Take photos and videos to obtain evidence;

2. Count the quantity;

3. We (the supplier) trace the reason;

4. Confirm which one is the responsible party;

5. Make compensation

What's the difference between PET and PP?

PP and PET product characteristics are different, PP products can be heat resistant to 120 degrees, PET can only heat resistant to about 60 degrees, both exceed their heat resistance range will be deformed and toxic. PP and PET hardness is not the same, PP is soft and ductile, PET is hard and rigid, the same size, the same thickness of the product, PET is much harder than PP.

What is your warranty period?

2 years. Note: it cannot be placed in the sun. The box will deform after more than 60 degrees.

Who will shoulder the damage items upon delivery?

The insurance company shall shoulder the damage and loss of the goods.

How do I sample order or order?

You need to contact the seller to determine the goods and quantity you need, as well as the country, province, city, postcode and detailed address. The seller drafts the order, the buyer pays, and the seller arranges the delivery.

Cooperative Partner

We have many well-known domestic and foreign partners, our evaluation has always been very good, we cooperate and develop together, create a win-win situation, also look forward to your joining!

Contact us For Your Next Order

ShiTuLi Packaging Materials(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. focuses on environmental protection food packaging box research and development and production,to provide one-stop green environmental protection solutions for food packaging.
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