In Pakistan we have a large percentage of special children, suffering from various disabilities. These Special Children being members of the society have all the social rights, which other children enjoy unfortunately because of poor literacy rate and some other factors education of special children has always been ignored. Since no specifically tailored intervention programs are followed, their potential remains untapped and in fact, in many cases, the disability is aggravated due to wrong intervention programs.

We lack information and treatment of special children in normal schools. A mainstream/ regular school cannot even advise parents about their child’s possible disabilities or give referrals. There are no parents or teachers associations. The existing Mental Health Ordinance does not cover any developmental disability.

These Special Children require individual attention and skilled/ education to improve their inabilities in order to become an active and useful member of our social setup. A school conducting larger group training can never produce such kind of environment, which will polish and strengthen the abilities of special children. Therefore a school specially aimed at individual attention and skilled training can fulfill the requirement.