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STLPak Plastic Apple Containers

STLPak plastic apple containers we produced have high transparency and good sealing and adopt the thickening process. It has good hardness and is not easy to be damaged. It is concave, convex, and non-slip to ensure the packaging box is placed properly and prevents accidental sliding.

In addition, when producing the apple packaging, our designers considered the multi-purpose so that this product can hold apples, oranges, peaches, etc. You only need to choose the corresponding size of the container according to different fruit diameters. We can also design better products for you according to your needs. And please send us your inquiries now!

plastic apple containers AP1D

1 Cell Disposable PET Plastic Apple Containers Packaging

plastic apple containers AP2D

2 Cells High Transparent PET Apple Containers Packaging

plastic apple containers AP3D

3 Cells Apple Containers with Clear Plastic Materials

plastic apple containers AP4A

4 Cells Convenient Takeout Plastic PET Apple Containers

plastic apple containers AP6D

6 Cells Multiple Design Disposable Plastic Apple Containers

plastic apple containers AP8S

8 Cells High Transparent PET Plastic Apple Containers

plastic apple containers AP9D

9 Cells Easy Takeout Multiple Design PET Apple Containers

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Advantages of Plastic Apple Containers

High Sealing

The containers have high sealing, protecting the fruit from the external environment’s impact and prolonging freshness.

high quatity8
Easy To Use

The design of the plastic apple containers is light and handy, and it is also easy to stack, which can save space and costs.

recycle material4
Low Pollution

The material of plastic apple containers is PET, so it is easy to recycle and has minimal environmental impact.

Good Looking

The plastic apple containers’ design adopts the dome-type lid, which is simple and beautiful. The style of this product is classic.

Lightweight and Protective, Easy to Carry

Apple containers are lightweight and robust, making them easy to transport and carry, reducing loss and breakage during transportation.

They can also protect apples from environmental influences such as moisture and crushing, which also help extend the refreshment period of apples and reduce food waste.

advantage 1-3-1
advantage 1-3-3

High Transparency and Delicate Style

Apple containers adopt food-grade packaging PET material to ensure safety.  The ones have high transparency, making customers directly watch the apples’ quality.

In addition, they use a dome-style lid, which is easy to open and close. It is a delicate and beautiful design.

Plastic Apple Containers More Applications

plastic apple containers 1
plastic apple containers 2

Plastic Apple Containers Storage Use: The design of the apple containers is creative and aesthetic. It adopts a dome-type lid, so it can hold apples perfectly and look beautiful. It stacks easily and is convenient to transport, saving many places. The excellent sealing makes apples refresh for a long time. It also can hold peaches, oranges, pears, etc.

Plastic Apple Containers Applicable Scope: There are many places to use apple containers, such as fruit shops, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. Fruit shops and supermarkets can use apple containers to make fruit more attractive. Restaurants can use it to store apples and inspect apples’ quality directly.

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