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STL Plastic Baking Container

STL Clear Pastry container is an environmentally friendly blister packaging that can make direct contact with food, clean health, and different styles you can choose. This series of baking container buckle firmly, strong closure and sealed packaging, can effectively prevent food contamination and make your life more healthy. In addition, there is not easy to change the shape of the characteristics, and friction resistance, which is suitable for packaging biscuits, bread, and various pastries.

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Exquisite appearance, enhance value

Baking box packaging exquisite and generous, there are a variety of styles for you to choose, with exquisite packaging to hold simple food, improve the grade of food, beautify products, effectively enhance the added value.

advantage 4-1-1
advantage 4-1-2

Buckle seal design, easy to carry

The buckle design is sealed, not easy to disperse, fresh and hygienic, effectively prevent dust from entering the box, easy to carry. Thickened food grade PET material, good toughness, can be stacked, easy to transport.

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