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STLPak Pulp Cup Holder

STLPak Pulp cup holder is an innovative eco-friendly product that provides reliable drink support. Bagasse pulp cup holders are made of bagasse pulp material, a natural and renewable resource. By processing bagasse pulp into cup holders, we can reduce the use of traditional plastic cup holders, thereby reducing our environmental impact.

The design of these cup holders is efficient, and they can firmly carry a variety of sizes of drink cups so that your drink during movement to maintain smoothly. Bagasse pulp cup holders also have good thermal insulation properties to protect your hands from burns from hot beverages. Please browse our website for more information about bagasse pulp cup holders and how to order.

Environmentally friendly materials, Healthy use

Our bagasse cup holders are made of natural bagasse without any added chemicals, in line with health and environmental protection. Compared with traditional plastic cup holders, bagasse cup holders are safe and reliable and do not produce harmful substances.

It is a biodegradable, recyclable, environmentally friendly product that provides nutritional support for your drinks. Choose our bagasse cup holders, and you will enjoy the peace of mind water experience from ecologically friendly materials.

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Solid support, non-slip device

Our bagasse cup holders are designed to be robust and reliable to support the cup firmly, preventing it from sliding or tilting. The bottom adopts a unique anti-slip design, effectively improving the cup’s stability on the support to avoid accidental tipping and falling. To prevent accidental tipping and falling.

Whether it is a smooth table top or an uneven surface, bagasse cup holders keep the cup stable, avoid unnecessary spills and spills, and provide a safe and comfortable water experience. At the same time, the cup holder is designed to effectively protect the table top from the hot or cold water of the cup, avoiding leaving marks or damage. Keep your home and office clean and intact while enjoying a delicious drink.

Suitable for various cup types

Our bagasse cup holders are available in various sizes and shapes for different lengths of cups. Whether it is a coffee cup, tea cup, water cup or juice cup, we can provide the corresponding cup holder. In addition, the excellent characteristics of bagasse material make the cup holder durable and not easy to deform or damage, durable. It protects your desktop and provides a convenient way to place your cup, making your water experience more convenient and comfortable.

This variety of options makes bagasse cup holders ideal for places such as home living and office Spaces and a practical choice. Choose our bagasse cup holders, and you will enjoy the convenience of solid support and fit a wide range of cup types.

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Product Parameters Information

Product ID:CH-04
Weight: 25g
Capacity: N/A
Dim: 220*220*45mm
Available Color: 🟫Natural color
Description: Coffee cup tray; Bagasse; Biodegradable

Product Details Introduction

CH-04 300 500 455 235 0.0535

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