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STLPak Tamper Evident Food Container

STLPak tamper-evident food container, keeping up with the trend of The Times, also has an exquisite and simple appearance. The most prominent feature of this series of anti-theft boxes is that it has a disposable lock, and tight around the buckle, reverse carrying will not fall off. It is necessary to tear off the lock before opening the package. In addition, The grain of the box is clear, the texture is strong and not drawn, and the high transparency of the box increases the beauty of the food, which is practical.

This tamper-evident food container is fresh and hygienic, can hold fruits, vegetables, nuts, sweets, salads, and pastries, and can be used in many places. It is a great value-for-money food packaging. If you are also interested, we will guarantee the quality of our products and provide you with competitive prices and attentive service. Please send us your inquiries now!

tamper-evident food container 220F

200ml High Seal PET Material Tamper Evident Food Container

tamper-evident food container 350F

350ml Secure Locking Clear Tamper Evident Food Container

tamper-evident food container 510F

500ml Big Capacity Transparent Tamper Evident Food Container


300ml Anti-theft Design Tamper Evident Food Container


300ml Equal Partition Room Design Tamper Evident Container


300ml Unequal Compartment Design Tamper Evident Container

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Advantages of Tamper Evident Food Container

Anti-theft Design

The tamper-evident food container has a special design that can efficiently inspect the containers to determine whether they have been opened.

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Various Styles

This product has many different styles. Compartment design, clamshell, we can provide whatever you want, and you can customize the style.

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Eco-friendly Design

This product uses PET material as raw material, which has a low environmental impact, helps to reduce resource waste, and is easy to recycle.

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Lightness & Stack

This container is low-weight, so it is convenient to transport and take. It can stack together, saving space and costs and enhancing efficiency.

Safe Material, Easy to See and Durable

The factory strictly controls the quality of raw materials and uniformly adopts new food-grade materials. Hence, it’s safe to use, reducing the environmental impact and producing high transparency, good quality, and durability.

It’s convenient to carry them due to the containers’ lightness and stackable function.

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tamperevident food container 1-1

Anti-theft Design, Tight Buckle

The bottom of the container and the lid can be tightly tied together. The new anti-theft design container has a one-time tear and pull anti-theft strip; use is only needed to tear off the anti-theft strip.

It’s easy to tear off, and the style of the tamper-evident food container is classic, such as compartment designs, clamshells, etc.

Tamper Evident Food Container More Applications

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tamper evident food container 2

Tamper Evident Food Container Storage Use: The tamper-evident food container with an anti-theft design and high transparency can ensure the items’ safety in the container and inspect their freshness directly. The raw material is PET, so it’s low-pollution. It can hold many kinds of vegetables, snacks, or cereal, such as salad, fried dough twist,  beans, etc.

Tamper Evident Food Container Applicate Scope: These are the usual scenes for tamper-evident food containers. Supermarkets, farms, and shopping malls will use it to hold items, ensuring items’ safety and increasing their attractiveness. Planes, trains, and other catering use it to sell things due to the containers’ convenience.

Product Details Introduction

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