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PET Plastic Tray Manufacturer in China

STLPak PET Plastic Tray

STLPak PET plastic tray is color uniform, practical, delicate, and beautiful. Using food grade material production, health, safety, and environmental protection PET raw materials are degradable, non-toxic, tasteless, and groove design is not easy to change the shape. This series of plastic food trays has cold and heat resistance, wide versatility, is suitable for various vegetables and fruits packaging, and is a multi-purpose, cost-saving box. The corners of the tray are treated very smooth, with no burr edge, and ShiTuLi adheres to the careful details for your rest assured to use.

The PET plastic tray applies to fresh supermarket packaging, meat packaging, vegetable packaging, new stores, fruit stores, food factories, and other areas and places. It is a good helper in food preservation. Please send us your inquiries now!

Vegetable Packing Tray

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Fresh Food Tray

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