Clamshell Packaging-the Ultimate Guide

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Discover the complexity of packaging solutions as you explore the ultimate guide to clamshell packaging. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll delve into the world of clamshell packaging. Gaining insights into its types, how to choose clamshell packaging and the benefits of clamshell packaging.

4 Different Types of Clamshell Packaging   

When people refer to clamshell box designs, they always remember that various innovations and options are available for such boxes. The ones mentioned in this subsection are some of the most popular clamshell boxes on the market.

The first is the single-compartment clamshell box, the most versatile and classic clamshell box. The second is the separating clamshell box. The separating design has a unique segregation function. It can hold the food separately, perfectly avoiding the problem of stringing flavors while keeping your food fresh and high quality.

In addition, the non-separating design clam lid box is a traditional one-piece box that is easy to close and open. Finally, the protective clamshell box (anti-theft containers) adopts advanced anti-theft technology to avoid unauthorized use and bring you a higher sense of security. Different clamshell boxes meet different needs and reflect the diversity and innovation of clamshell parcels. This ultimate guide to clamshell packaging will introduce these four types of clamshell packaging for you: 

Single-compartment Design Clamshell Packaging

Single-compartment design clamshell packaging is a very traditional and common style design. Consumers are often used to single food into only a space in the box. This food packaging box style is versatile, and the structure looks more solid. You need to choose the appropriate packaging according to their capacity. In short, this design is the basic model of the clamshell box.

Compartment Design Clamshell Packaging

In the food industry, the design of the divider clamshell is a unique style design that can achieve both food separation and odour isolation, becoming the best choice for more and more catering, take-out and convenience food stores, as well as providing convenience as well as a more diversified dining experience for more users, and becoming the choice of many consumers. If you also have the same needs, this must be the clamshell packaging you want.

Non-tear Design Clamshell Packaging

Non-tear Design Clamshell Packaging is a design in which the bottom and lid do not separate when the box is unfolded. The style in which the base and top are attached meets people’s initial aesthetic standards. With a one-piece design, you can serve and hold food more conveniently than a container with a separate bottom and lid.

Protective Design Clamshell Packaging

Protective clamshell boxes, also known as anti-theft clamshell boxes, are a packaging design used to effectively prevent unauthorized opening of a plastic box, often using an anti-theft clasp or chain as the anti-theft mechanism. Once the anti-theft clasp or chain has been opened, you cannot recover it, making it evident that the box has been opened or used. This design provides further security for your food and is a new reform in the food packaging market.

Traditional clamshell box with holes -400ml

How to Select Clamshell Packaging?

How do you go about choosing a clamshell container? Choosing a clamshell container is a task that requires careful consideration, and it involves a variety of factors.

The first thing you should consider is the capacity of the clamshell container. Ensure you know what to think to fit the items in the clamshell container.

Secondly, you should consider the type of clamshell container and what kind of items you want to use the clamshell container for: meat, fruit, baked goods, deli items, and so on. Choosing what to put in the clamshell container requires consideration of the material: PET, PVC, PP and so on.

In addition, you need to consider whether the product is qualified, has passed the relevant verification, has the appropriate certificates, is biodegradable or sustainable, etc. Also, we need to consider local policies, such as whether there is a plastic ban, etc. The last is the personalized demand, whether it is necessary to customize the label and logo or whether it needs to be customized for your needs.  The ultimate guide to clamshell packaging will tell you how to select clamshell packaging.

Step 1: Consider Storage Requirements

The first step to consider is the size of the capacity of the clamshell container. It depends on the size of the item you want to hold. For example, if you’re going to hold a whole apple, you can choose one or more entire clamshell containers. If you cut the apple into strips, you will have more options and can select different sizes of clamshell containers. This step also allows you to consider the shape of the clamshell container: rectangular, round, etc.

Step 2: Choose the Type of Food Product

The second step is to consider the type of clamshell container and what items you need to use the clamshell container for. Fresh frozen food, fruits and vegetables, baked treats, cooked food, etc. Once you have a clear idea of what you need to pack, you need to consider the material of the clamshell container, whether it needs to be biodegradable or sustainable, and whether it needs to be anti-theft.

If it is fresh frozen food or cooked food, we recommend you choose the anti-theft clamshell containers; if it is fruits and vegetables, we recommend you select the clamshell containers with holes for ventilation; and if it is baked goods, we recommend clamshell containers without holes to prevent mosquito bites.

Step 3: Accord with Regulatory Compliance

Clamshell containers must follow a series of regulations and standards in the design and production process to ensure that safety, environmental protection, etc., meet the relevant requirements. Therefore, the third step you should do is to consider the qualification of the clamshell container, checking whether it complies with the food safety regulations, whether it complies with the environmental rules, whether it has passed the relevant verification, whether it has the relevant qualification certificates, etc.

Step 4: Need or not Personalized Demands

The last step is to consider the need for personalization, whether you need custom labels, logos, etc. Whether there is a need for number requirements, such as 10 egg trays, 12 egg trays, or other different numbers. You can also consider customization if you don’t find a clamshell container that meets your needs.

Classic clamshell box - Egg packaging

4 Benefits of Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell Packaging Protection Function

The protective function of the clam lid packaging box is mainly reflected in the physical protection.

Material: Most clam lid packaging materials are made of recyclable plastic, which will be tougher and more durable through special processing and largely protect the products’ quality. When you squeeze the lidded clam lid packaging box with your hand, you will quickly feel the toughness of the box.

Structure: The appearance of the clamshell boxes is designed to emphasize simplicity, and you don’t have to worry about whether or not there is any collision or extrusion between them when the food is being transported. The clamshell lids are designed to make the box more sturdy, making it easier to store and transport.

Temperature: Clam lid packaging boxes on the market have almost all temperature resistance characteristics. The specific temperature resistance conditions should be determined according to different production materials. Because of this clam lid packaging box characteristic, temperature changes will not significantly affect your products.

Clamshell Packaging Design and Custom

The versatility of the clamshell box is not only reflected in the flexibility of designing various styles of clamshell boxes, whether it is capacity customization or shape customization, which can meet your multiple packaging needs; in addition, you can also add designed brand logos, copywriting, and patterns on the outside of the box, and you can indicate the various product information you want to express, ensuring the best-personalized effect to improve brand recognition.

At the same time, the unique design of this clamshell box packaging itself creates a distinctive edge for the brand itself, realizing invisible brand promotion. These customized services of the clamshell box have attracted more and more consumers’ eyes, and we look forward to the power of this innovative design together.

Clamshell Packaging for Consumer Convenience

Clamshell packaging is designed for convenience and has several benefits that can enhance your overall experience. First, it gives you a clear view of the product, allowing you to inspect the item before purchasing. This transparency ensures that you know clearly what you’re buying. Reducing the likelihood of accidents or disappointment when you open the package at home. 

Additionally, clamshell packaging is known for its durability and protection. The sturdy plastic casing protects the product from external elements, minimizing the risk of damage during shipping or while displaying it in the store for easy transportation. As a result, you can have confidence in the quality and integrity of your product, knowing that it is well protected throughout the supply chain. Easy-to-open clamshell packaging is another significant advantage that can save you time. 

All in all, clamshell packaging tailored for consumer convenience enhances your shopping experience with transparency, ease of opening and security. These features provide a more enjoyable and reliable consumer experience.

Clamshell Packaging of Environmental Benefits

Choosing clamshell products can provide environmental benefits. One of the main advantages is the reduction of material waste. Clamshell packaging is often designed to be simplified, using only the necessary amount of plastic to produce the product. As a result, you can reduce overall packaging waste and make your choices environmentally.

In addition, many clamshell packages can be recycled. It reduces the need for new raw materials and minimizes the environmental impact of traditional packaging methods. With these aspects in mind, you can support products with clamshell packaging emphasizing environmental responsibility, contributing to more sustainable and environmentally friendly consumption patterns.

Tamper evident container with anti-tamper strips

Clamshell Packaging vs. Bottom cover separate packaging

a. Production process

The bottom and lid of clamshell packaging are connected and moulded in one piece during production, reducing costs. In contrast, the bottom and lid-separated packaging require more processes, and the production process flow is more complex.

b. Production costs

The standardized production of the clamshell packaging box makes the overall cost more controllable. In contrast, choosing the bottom and lid-separated packaging may incur more charges in producing the customized conversation design box.

c. Design features

The one-piece design of the clamshell packaging will be subject to certain limitations in customization, which is suitable for some large-scale production scenarios. In contrast, the packaging with a separate bottom and lid can be designed more flexibly, and the base and cover can be customized in different styles. You can choose the one that suits you better according to your needs.

d. Ease of use

The overall design of the clamshell packaging is tough and sturdy, suitable for stacking and transportation. Still, when you are in use, this packaging design is more challenging to open than the packaging design of the bottom cover, which is separated.

Overall, if you only need to open the box at once, then the two kinds of packaging can be available for you to choose from; if you need to carry times to open and close the operation, it is recommended that you are better off to select the bottom cover separated you need to open and close the box several times, it is recommended that you select the box with the separate bottom lid.

Divided food packaging - bottom lid separation


As you browse the Ultimate Guide to Clamshell Packaging, you’ve discovered various aspects of this packaging solution. Delving into the types of clamshell packaging, design nuances and how to choose a clamshell packaging. Hoping the Ultimate Guide to Clamshell Packaging has been helpful to you!

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