Our aim is to enable the special children to:

A� Take admission in normal school

Training is scheduled with the aim that children shall be able to join a normal school (as early as possible) for undergoing group training.

A� Cope with normal environment

A special environment forces the children to consider themselves as a special person who cannot be a part of a normal environment. In STL students are provided a normal atmosphere so that they shall not act as strangers in a normal environment.

A� Behave normally in routine life

Activities are planned in such a way, to make children independent in routine life e.g. eating, changing dress, combing etc, so that they shall not depend on others for their routine works.

A� Improve their shortcomings

Children are assessed in detail to help them to improve their physical, mental, occupational and behaviour shortcomings of life.

A� Strengthen their abilities

Hidden and weak abilities are highlighted. Steps are taken to strengthen and improve their abilities gradually in a progressing manner.

A� Impart basic computer training

In view of the mental ability of the students, basic computer knowledge is imparted on individual basis.